Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Weeknd- Live At The Mod Club

01.The Weeknd - High for This
02.The Weeknd - The Morning
03.The Weeknd - Coming Down
04.The Weeknd - What You Need
05.The Weeknd - The Party The After Party
06.The Weeknd - House of Balloons Glass Table Girls
07.The Weeknd - Rolling Stone
08.The Weeknd - Wicked Games
09.The Weeknd - The Knowing
10.The Weeknd - The Birds Part 1 Encore

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Watch The Throne (Tracklist)

01 No Church In The Wild f. Frank Ocean
02 Lift Off f. Beyoncé
03 Ni66as In Paris
04 Otis f. Otis Redding
05 Gotta Have It
06 New Day
07 Who Gon’ Stop Me
08 Murder To Excellence
09 Welcome To The Jungle
10 Sweet Baby Jesus f. Frank Ocean
11 Love You So f. Mr. Hudson
12 Illest Motherfucker Alive [Bonus]
13 H.A.M. [Bonus]
14 That’s My Bitch [Bonus]
15 The Joy f. Curtis Mayfield [Bonus]

Rolling Stone-
"Watch the Throne isn’t all braggadocio. This slower, introspective number finds Jay-Z and West both addressing their hypothetical future children. They don’t hold back, and the self-doubt and soul-searching in their verses is genuinely moving. I can’t recall ever hearing Jay-Z open up quite like this before, not even on ”This Can’t Be Life.” Kanye’s verse is pretty special, too – after the playback, Jay-Z said he thinks it’s one of Ye’s top three performances ever."

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dogg Pound Gangsta Compilation

CD.1 :
01. Why You Wanna Acy This Way (Soopafly, Bad Azz & Big Pimpin)
02. Money, House & Cars (Bad Azz, Kurupt)
03. Don't Let The Money Make You (Xzibit, Soopafly & King T)
04. Gangstaville (Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg & Kurupt)
05. Make Some Noize (Kurupt & Daz)
06. Stone Cold (Nate Dogg)
07. Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha (Kurupt, Daz & Big Pimpin)
08. Pussy Whipped (Daz, Soopafly & Mac Shawn)
09. Welcome Home (Kurupt & LaToya Williams)
10. Roll Wit Us (Daz)
11. Step Up (Kuupt, Crooked I & Xzibit)
12. Your Gyrlfirend 2 (Daz, Soopafly & Mac Shawn)
13. Playin Games (Soopafly)
14. I Ain't Shit Without My Homeboyz (Kurupt, Daz, Crooked I & Baby S)

CD.2 :
01. OG To BG (Daz, Soopafly, Kurupt & LaToya Williams)
02. Feels Good (Daz, Kurupt & LaToya Williams)
03. Ya Can't Trust Nobody (Kurupt & Daz)
04. Put The Monkey In It (Daz & Soopafly)
05. Game Too Tight (Soopafly & Mac Shawn)
06. Gon Hurt Somebody (Daz)
07. There Will Never Be Anotha (Soopafly, Daz, Richie Rich & Gonzoe)
08. Way Too Crazy (Tray Deee, JaYo Felony & Daz)
09. Hoes, Money & Clout (Snoop Dogg)
10. Poor Man Cry (Barrington Levy, Crooked I, Daz, Soopafly & Snoop Dogg)
11. Bacc 2 L.A.(Soopafly, Daz & Xzibit)
12. Everyday (Soopafly, Lil C-Style, Tray Deee & Bad Azz)
13. Who's Knockin At My Door (Daz & Big Pimpin)
14. C-Walk (Kurupt, Slip Capone & Tray Deee)
15. Hooked (Snoop Dogg)

Legendary Weapons

01. Start The Show (feat. Raekwon and RZA)
02. Laced Cheeba (feat. Ghostface, Sean Price and Trife Diesel)
03. Diesel Fluid (feat. Method Man, Trife Diesel and Cappadonna)
04. Played By The Game
05. The Black Diamonds (feat. Ghostface, Roc Marciano and Killa Sin)
06. Legendary Weapons (Ghostface, AZ and M.O.P.)
07. Never Feel This Pain (feat. Inspectah Deck, U-God and Tre Williams)
08. Angels Got Wings
09. Drunk Tongue (feat. Killa Sin)
10. 225 Rounds (feat. U-God, Cappadonna, Bronze Nazareth and RZA)
11. Meteor Hammer (feat. Ghostface, Action Bronson and Termanology)
12. Live Through Death
13. Only The Rugged Survive (feat. RZA)
14. Outro

When Fish Ride Bicycles

1. Rush Hour Traffic
2. GMC
3. Boomin’ (featuring Tennille)
4. Sour Apples (featuring Travis Barker)
5. Penny Hardaway (featuring Ghostface Killah)
6. Bundle Up
7. Gas Station (featuring Bun B)
8. Get Right
9. Swimsuits (featuring Mayer Hawthorne)
10. Roll Call (featuring Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper, Boldy James)
11. Summer Jam (featuring Maxine Ashley) (Produced by Pharrell Williams)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Roll Call- Cool Kids featuring Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper & Boldy James


Tunechi's Back.


Summer Camp Mix


Fastimes At Ridgemont Fly

01 . Intro
02 . Modern Day Hippie
03 . Roll My Shit
04 . Still That Nigga (In & Out)
05 . Fast Times feat. Mr. Marcelo
06 . The Good Part (In & Out)
07 . Navigation Pimpin'
08 . Jet Muzik
09 . Still Ridin' feat. Young Roddy & Street Wiz
10 . Non Stop Flight
11 . Airwolf feat. Trademark Da Skydiver
12 . Summer Reading List
13 . Truthfully Speaking
14 . Brett Favre
15 . Soundtrack To Success feat. Trademark Da Skydiver

King Of Hearts

1. Intro (MDMA) feat. Game
2. Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) feat. Andre 3000 narrated by Lil Wayne
3. Cupid feat. Awesome Jones!!!
4. Luv Me Girl feat. Chris Brown & Vega
5. Naked
6. Jigsaw
7. Bang!!!! Feat. Titi Boi & Salo
8. Be The One feat. Trey Songz & Young Jeezy
9. Shake It 4 Daddy
10. Lay It Down
11. Angels
12. This Is For My Baby
13. You II
14. World Cry feat. R. Kelly & Keri Hilson
15. Stay
16. Never Window Shopping
17. King Of Hearts


Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout

Bill Bellamy

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Do It

Bash At The Beach is THIS SATURDAY!

It's that time of the year for another Bash at The Beach!

Same spot as usual.

Good People + Good Food + Good Music = MEGA Fun.

Feel free to bring your own chair or blanket to lay out on.

Come through let loose & get mega faded.

Check out our Facebook event page here

Saturday, July 2, 2011


1. fu*k Your Ethnicity [prod. by THC]
2. Hol’ Up [prod. by Soundwave]
3. A.D.H.D [prod. by Soundwave]
4. No Makeup (Her Vice) ft Colin Munroe [prod. by Soundwave]
5. Tammy’s Song (Her Evils) [prod. by THC]
6. Chapter Six [prod. by Tommy Black]
7. Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils) [prod. by Tae Beast]
8. Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice) ft GLC [prod. by Willie B]
9. The Spiteful Chant ft Schoolboy Q [prod. by Soundwave & Dave Free]
10. Chapter Ten [prod. by THC]
11. Keishas Song (Her Pain) ft Astro Bot [prod. by Tae Beast]
12. Rigamortis [prod. by Willie B]
13. Kush & Corinthians (His Pain) ft BJ The Chicago Kid [prod. by Wyldfire]
14. Members Only [prod. by Tommy Black]
15. Ab-Soul’s Outro [prod. by Terrace Martin]
16. HiipoWeR [prod. by J. Cole]