Monday, May 23, 2011

The Very Best Of... Lisa Lisa.

1. I Wonder If I Take U Home
2. Let the Beat Hit 'Em
3. Ain't My Type of Hype [House Party Movie Mix] - (remix, featuring E-Crof/Ex Girlfriend/Mix Master Ice)
4. Alice I Want U Just For Me!
5. Can U Feel the Beat
6. Head To Toe [Heads, Toes & Feet Mix] - (remix)
7. Unfaithful
8. Float On With Us [Ff Ladies Mix] - (previously unreleased, featuring Isaac Hayes/Vivica Fox/Me'lisa Morgan/Regina Belle/Vesta)
9. All Cried Out - (featuring Bow-Legged Lou/Paul Anthony)
10. Lost In Emotion [Can't Find Myself Mix] - (remix)
11. Unselfish Lover
12. Static
13. Just Git It Together [Together-Ruh Mix] - (remix, featuring Ex Girlfriend/U.T.F.O.)
14. Temporary Love Thing [What Am I Gonna Do Extended Skit Mix] - (remix)
15. [CD-Rom Track]

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